Conceptual design

Probably most important part of design of new product. Therefore we dedicate extreme effort to creation of a proper concept which is always should synthesis of many different requirements. Especially contest gliders and airplanes generally is extremely demanding to make right mixture of requierements. Ratio of specified compounds  have decisive influence on flight characteristics and also satisfaction of our customers.

Conceptual design - wing of SuperStarlight

Of course conceptual design might be considered only if new product is designed or if assigment of task allows to create concept.


Detail computer aided design

Necessity of using computer aided design is nowadays obvious. Using of computer give us many possibilities during design process and we use all advatages which computer can offer. All stages of process excepting fabrication of final product are optimized by using modern computer methods. Aerodynamic optimization, predicting and computing of flight performance, shape and size optimization.

SuperStarlight V-tail     SuperStarlight tail optimization


3D computer numeric control milling3D CNC milling center

Aircraft industry including aeromodeling is very demanding on shape precision of all main parts. Inaccuracy in second stage of manufacturing cycle have really devastating impact to accuracy of final product. Therefore we have assembled our own three dimensional milling centre with big working deck. Preparation of molds from one piece is now possilble.




CNC milling of mold  CNC milling of mold  CNC milling of mold


Preparation of molds

Preparation of mold have ussualy three fazes with is both very important for quality of final product. First of them was mentioned in previous point - milling. Classical procedure is make a negative mold by CNC milling. Then you have to make positive model from milled mold. After super-finishing of shape and surface of positive model you can start with making mold itself. It is kind of time, material and techological demanding process.

positive model of SB-14 Mold and first piece of fuselage of SB-14

Our new big 3D milling CNC center allow us decrease number of indispensable steps and owing to this achieve higher precision and lower price. Thank to this great device now we are able to skip fabrication of positive model. We are milling directly the final mold. Then is necessary only make a super-finish of surface. Accuracy is due to lower number of step better than by using of classical fabrication process.

Mold of fuselage of SB-14    Detail view on shape of mold for SB-14


Selection of materials

We are using for manufacturing of our stuff high-quality fabrics a rowings from world leading producers. Fabrics Porsher, Interglass and others are standard for our production.

carbon, kevlar, glass and hybrid fabric

Matrix in our composites is strictly top-class resin certificated for aircraft industry. It is necessary to achieve high shape stability, temperature rezistance and abrasion rezistance. These chracteristics are also dependent on surface paint. by this reason we use only 2-composed automobile paint which have excellent endurance in difficult conditions.


Manufacturing of final product

Fabrication of final composite structures is executed to strictly prepared molds. It is only way how to do nice and quality part. Keeping molds clean and well separated is absolutely essential for production. For painting are used only two compund acrylic lack which have great machanical characteristics and very good covering. Special care is devoted to laying fabrics into the mold and filling up by the resin. Accurate and quick work is another and also necessary step in manufacturing. Pocket for servos are made such a robust box. This solution increases stiffnes of servo mounting and installationtorsion and also torsion stiffnes of whole wing. Effect is same as using of standard rib. Finishing of flaps is made after perfect hardening of resin because of shape stability. Covering of flap slits is possible to make from microballon filled resin or by special tape. Last steps are matching of parts and packing to transortation covers.


Ing. Jiri Loutocky,    Ing. Karel Koudelka - 2K models