Perfect solution for GPS triangle competing and training

RC systems

RC T3000
The unit's main function is telemetry receiver for the RC Multi 2 system with the RC TRX30 and RC GPS module. With this system, user can view/track different plane's parameters on field (vario, altitude, GPS position and battery). Software was designed for many types of task competitions or just for free flying. User can fly by predefined or manually created tasks. Unit will give acoustic vario tone with user defined beeps and voice announcements. For RF communication 433 ISM band is used. 

- Extremely small outline: 40 x 62 x 22 mm.
- Completely new design approach.
- Sunshine readable color display as a central part of the system.
- Simple manipulation with one multifunctional switch.
- Internal battery ensures up to 7 hours of autonomy.
- Built-in battery charger (5V via USB cable).
- SD card as a data transfer medium (micro version).
- GPS triangle competition scoring code, XC soaring, F3F, F3B distance/speed
- 69 RF channels (LPD channel table) with 25 KHz spacing.

Voice announcement sample

YouTube presentation videos:
GPS triangle video
XC soaring video
F3B speed video

RC T2020
The RC T2020 was designed as telemetry system. It can receive the data transmitted by RC Multi 2 + RC TRX30 system. It is a telemetry system to track current altitude, maximum altitude, flight duration with integrated manual stopwatch function, climbing/descending speed (vario) and battery status of the RC Multi 2 + RC TRX30 system (transmitter) and RC T2020 ( ground unit), all in real time. In combination with the RC GPS module, system can also track distance between units (transmitter and ground unit), trip distance and geographic coordinates. All flight data is displayed on high contrast LCD display on the RC T2020 unit. 

- Altimeter.
- Variometer with climbing/descending indication.
- Stopwatch.
- Two-way data communication at 69 channels.
- Possibility to monitor multiple TRX units.
- Long range - more than 1 km.
- Simple charging over USB port.
- Strong and durable casing.

RC FXJ Programming card
It is used in F5J FAI competitions for reading scoring Start height from RC Electronics units. The RC Programming card can also be used (after landing the model) to read the F3J start altitude (max height between launch of the model and 10 seconds after). To use with the RC Multi 2, you need the 4/10 cable adapter or the RC UCM lead.

RC GPS logger
The RC GPSlog was designed to provide a complete solution for cross-flying online competition (OLC). It was designed especially for use on board a radio controlled (R/C) aircraft, but would be useful in other applications too. The RC GPSlog is able to record GPS data to micro SD card for later review on PC and publication on OLC server. It has a built-in GPS receiver, pressure sensor and ENL (Environmental Noise Level) sensor. 

- Lightweight at only 12 grams with micro SD card.
- Small: 36 mm x 20 mm x 10 mm.
- Integrated ENL detection sensor.
- Signal LED light for various status reports.
- 66 channels for GPS receiver.
- Records various flight data for later review.
- Wide range of input power: 4 to 10 volts DC. Power it from your aircraft
  receiver battery.

The RC GPS module is a GPS receiver which calculates its position on Earth. It calculates longitude, latitude, altitude and ground speed. Those parameters are then sent to the RC Altimeter/RC Multi module and are stored there for later review. With these parameters you can later track your flight in 3D with Google Earth.

- Lightweight at only 9 grams with cable.
- Small: 19 mm x 19 mm x 10 mm.
- Plug & play.
- Current consumption 40mA.
- 66 channels parallel.
- MTK chipset.

RC Multi 2
The RC Multi 2 was designed to provide a lightweight, compact device for measuring and recording flight data over time. It was designed especially for use on board a radio controlled (R/C) aircraft, but would be useful in other applications too. The RC Multi 2 is able to record data from various inbuilt sensors for later review on PC. It can also transmit flight data via RC TRX30 module to ground as a 'live' telemetry system. For communication with PC, USB port is used. It uses state of art pressure sensor and 3MByte nonvolatile flash memory for data storage.

With RC PGS modul:
- Record all GPS data required for later review of your flight in 3D with Google Earth.
- Speed graph is seen on PC software.

- Lightweight at only 6 grams with JR cable.
- Small: 28 mm x 14 mm x 6 mm.
- Integrated F5J FAI altitude/time switch.
- Records various flight data for later review.
- PC USB interface for configuration, loading firmware updates and downloading recorded data.
- Wide range of input power: 4 - 10 volts DC. Power it from your aircraft receiver battery.

The RC TRX30 is a transmitter module for the RC Multi 2 unit. It uses 433MHz band with 25kHz channel spacing.



RC Tek
The RC Tek uses very high sensitive pressure sensor to detect even the smallest differences in pressure and converts them into climbing/sinking ratio (vario). The RC Tek sensor combined with the RC TEK probe (vario dize) will detect changes in pressure due to difference of air mass and not due to elevation changes.



RC Bus
The RC Bus was designed to multiply the RC Multi 2 10 pin connector in order to connect many other devices or sensors to it. Every connector has the same pin-out as the connector on the RC Multi 2 module. 




RC TEK probe
The RC TEK probe for use with the RC TEK sensor. With this probe, user will get energy compensated vario readings.


4/10 Adapter
The 4/10 adapter is used to connect the RC Multi 2 to the RC Programming Card. It is 15 cm long.


RC UMC Adapter
The UCM (Usb - Card - Multi 2) adapter is used to connect the RC Multi 2 to the RC Programming Card. It has a 10 pin connector on one end and USB mini B connector on the other, to connect the RC Multi 2 to PC. It is 23 cm long.




Produtcs description and pictures was adopted from web site of producer. (

Manuals for all devices are available on web site of producer.


Ing. Jiri Loutocky,    Ing. Karel Koudelka - 2K models